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Field Work Post: Students Help Promote Our Alpha Unit on CEPT Campus

by | Nov 16, 2015 | 0 comments

Our student team is working up some creative ideas for spreading the word about our alpha unit in the “WiC Research Lab” on the CEPT campus.

QR Codes:

One those ideas involves the use of QR codes, which we will use to drive traffic to various videos, papers and content related to our project posted on the web. Scan the QR code with your phone and boom – you are taken to a specifically curated piece of content.
The heat from combustion is used to dry the human feces applied to the cast-iron automated rotating plate inside the dryer apparatus.


Another way is through signage. In the pictures above and below, Akul and Rutul have organized some new signage at the prototype site to attract attention and make it more welcoming.

All of this is part of a strategy to raise awareness on campus and, hopefully, attract users when we are ready for them to start using our toilet.

Promotion of anything new can be hard and it’s even more difficult when you are tackling the topic of sanitation. Seeing the student team go all in on promoting and getting people to use our prototype shows their investment to change the way their community sees sanitation. It’s very inspiring. There has been proven success with CLS (community led sanitation) and we are hopeful to see the same results on CEPT campus.


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