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“India: Big push for small cities”

by | Aug 23, 2014 | 0 comments

“While access to toilets remains a big issue, improving sanitation services in urban areas requires an integrated approach that includes treatment and disposal of human waste.”

An excellent post on SanitationUpdates.wordpress.com written by Prakhar Jain and Aditya Bhol (researchers with the SCI-FI: Sanitation initiative at the Centre for Policy Research)tackles the problems India is having getting small cities the focus and funds they need to create better sanitation solutions and infrastructure for their people.

As the article illustrates, the situation is both dire and complex, but it’s not unsolvable. With new changes in government and a renewed (and public) focus on urban sanitation and reducing open defecation, there’s hope that India will get its urban sanitation issues moving in the right direction.

It’s a great post that we encourage you to read. You can find the entire article right here.


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