Solid Waste Drying and Sizing with Helical Auger

The first stage of the solid waste processing module consists of an auger-based dryer/conveyer unit.

The auger is a helical screw device Jerseys designed to move and dry the feces before and converting Abra it into solid fuel for combustion. Heat from in the combustion process accelerates drying, wholesale nfl jerseys while mechanical apertures along the auger length generate cheap nba jerseys burnable sized pellets of uniform wholesale jerseys size. This video shows some preliminary sizing experiments performed using Bill miso paste as a surrogate. Uniform sizing facilitates combustion and optimum How energy conversion on the back end of the solid waste processing module.

One thought on “Solid Waste Drying and Sizing with Helical Auger

  1. This video highlights the importance of sizing the feces at a stage in the auger where it will keep its shape and continue to dry in discrete pellets. If it is cut and sized too soon, it will mash together with other pellets. Controlling the size of the dried feces will aid in the optimization of the combustion stage that follows.

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