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Commercial Partners

RTI – Duke are exploring linkages to commercial partners to further advance the development of our decentralized waste treatment system.  These organizations are equipped to add significant value and further our goals for product development, value engineering, manufacturing and distribution.


L&T Technology Services (Vadodara, India)

Capability:  L&T Technology Services is a division of engineering conglomerate, Larson & Toubro (L&T).  Technology services business focuses on innovative design and development solutions across the product development value chain, for various industries such as Industrial Products, Transportation, Aerospace, Telecom & Hi-tech, and the Process Industry.  Offering services in the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Embedded Systems, Engineering Process Services, and Product Lifecycle Management; besides proprietary solutions in Engineering Data Analytics, Power Electronics, Machine-to-Machine, and the Internet-of-Things.

Contract relationship: RTI has contracted with L&T for value engineering, prototype support and engineering testing support for the RTI – Duke waste treatment prototype for services performed in India and in the USA.

Company contact: Sanjeev Rajoria (SANJEEV.RAJORIA@LntTechservices.com )

RTI contact: Jeff Piascik (jpiascik@rti.org )

Sintex (Ahmedabad, India)

Capability: The world’s largest supplier of water storage containers, and an Indian multinational active in building materials, plastics and textiles.  Major manufacturing hub in Gujarat, India. Sanitation is an identified corporate strategy.

Contract relationship:  RTI is exploring commercial services engagement.

Company contact: SB Dangayach  (dangayach@sintex.co.in )

RTI contact: Myles Elledge (melledge@rti.org )