A Better Toilet

For A Cleaner World

Prototyping Partners

RTI – Duke are engaging a number of in-country partners to provide inputs to the development of both our user interface and waste treatment system. These partners in India and South Africa are identified as resources that will supply key inputs, parts or customized sub-system prototyping services for our demonstration units. This network of organizations is helping us learn, adapt, and localize the system, furthering our path towards product development.


L&T Technology Services (Vadodara, India)

Capability:  L&T Technology Services is a division of engineering conglomerate, Larson & Toubro (L&T).  Technology services business focuses on innovative design and development solutions across the product development value chain, for various industries such as Industrial Products, Transportation, Aerospace, Telecom & Hi-tech, and the Process Industry.  Offering services in the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Embedded Systems, Engineering Process Services, and Product Lifecycle Management; besides proprietary solutions in Engineering Data Analytics, Power Electronics, Machine-to-Machine, and the Internet-of-Things.

Contract relationship: RTI has contracted with L&T for value engineering, prototype support and engineering testing support for the RTI – Duke waste treatment prototype for services performed in India and in the USA.

Company contact: Sanjeev Rajoria (SANJEEV.RAJORIA@LntTechservices.com )

RTI contact: Jeff Piascik (jpiascik@rti.org )

GK Controls (Pune, India)

Capability: GK Controls is a 4-year old start-up, led by a management team that spent many years with Honeywell and IBM.  Controls are their expertise, and they have a network of metal works and plastic molding vendors in Pune that could service prototyping needs.  The firm is drawn to the sanitation mission.

Contract relationship: RTI and L&T have contracted with GKC for provision of PLC controls for the RTI – Duke beta prototype, and is exploring further prototype engagement.

Company contact: Shallender  (sales@gkcglobal.com)

RTI contact: Myles Elledge (melledge@rti.org)

Invent India (Ahmedabad, India)

Capability: Invent India is India’s leading high-end industrial and product design firm, with prototyping and manufacturing expertise, with India and China linkages.

Contract relationship:  RTI is exploring prototype services engagement

Company contact: Tejas Desai (tejas@inventindia.com)

RTI contact: Myles Elledge (melledge@rti.org )

Lumium (Ahmedabad, India)

Capability: Lumium is a design engineering firm with Gujarat and Santa Clara, California roots.   They provide design, and manufacturing support services, material cost reduction, testing and certification.  Corporate interest in the sanitation sector.

Contract relationship:  RTI is exploring prototype services engagement

Company contact: Smit Dave (smit@lumium.com )

RTI contact: Myles Elledge (melledge@rti.org )

South Africa:

Isidima (Cape Town, South Africa)

Capability: Isidima is a design and development start-up firm focused on the sanitation sector.  With support from South Africa WRC, they have developed a very low-flush western toilet (Arumloo).

Contract relationship: RTI is exploring prototype services engagement to test low flush toilet

Company contact: Jonny Harris  (jonny@isidima.net)

RTI contact: Myles Elledge (melledge@rti.org )

Envirosan (Durban, South Africa)

Capability: Envirosan is a manufacturer of injection-molded sanitation systems.

Contract relationship:  RTI is exploring prototype services engagement to test low flush toilet

Company contact: TBD

RTI contact: Myles Elledge (melledge@rti.org )

Enviro-Loo (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Capability: Established sanitation business providing dry sanitation, injection molded toilets

Contract relationship: RTI is exploring potential services relationship

Company contact: Mark La Trobe  (mark.latrobe@enviro-loo.com)

RTI contact: Myles Elledge (melledge@rti.org )