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Prototype Update, 31 May 2017

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Solids and Liquids System Update: WASH and DST Team wins and award for the hard work they put into the TOWR project!

(Please NOTE: The news release below has been reprinted from a recent post on RTI.org’s internal staff network.)

North Carolina, United States

May 25, 2017:  The Water, Sanitation and Health (WaSH) Team in Discovery, Science & Technology (DST)  was recently awarded an RTI Team Award for exemplary performance for their work on the Natick-Toilet with Onsite Waste Remediation (TOWR) project.

The goal of TOWR is to provide a de-centralized, mobile solution for onsite waste disposal, offering unique benefit for the Army’s rapidly deployable base camps. Development of this mobile platform posed several high-risk engineering challenges, including adapting current knowledge to develop new solutions in a space-constrained, less mechanically stable platform.

“The technologies developed leveraged other existing programs; however, it created a new design, integration and processing issues that had to be overcome,” said project leader Jeff Piascik, senior electronic engineer in DST. “By working together, putting in extra hours and providing help when needed in areas outside each other’s comfort zones, the team successfully met our client’s aggressive timeline.”

The team delivered and presented a pre-demonstration unit to Natick program officers during a visit to RTI in March. The Natick program officers were extremely impressed with the result, and are now in discussions with RTI and Gates to leverage future Natick and Gates co-funding to further these efforts towards commercialization and implementation.

Demonstrating proven capability for (rapid) prototyping of engineered integrated systems within the WaSH space will lead to new funding opportunities — for example, with the Department of Defense as well as the Gates Foundation — where RTI can serve as a preferred systems integration partner for advancing novel transformative technologies into functional, fieldable systems.

The team members are:

  1. Brian (Gus) Grant
  2. Brian Hawkins
  3. Brendon Lynch
  4. Dave Rogers
  5. Katie Sellgren
  6. Stephanie Teleski


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