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“Redesigning the toilet for areas without running water”

by | Dec 22, 2017 | 1 comment

Our toilet project continues to make its way into the news!

This time it was in a piece published on the Financial Times web site. In it, they talk about both our sanitation system and the one being worked on at Cranfield University in Britain.

From the outset the article frames both of our systems inside the problems they are trying to solve: fighting disease by actively removing human waste from the water we drink and the food we eat, as well as the safety of women and girls who often venture out at night to take care of themselves.

With quotes from our own Myles Elledge (senior director for global development) and a lot of helpful information about both Cranfield University’s and our projects, it’s a great read to find out what the future of sanitation is shaping up to look like.

Click here to read the entire article on FT.com.

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  1. Hiral

    Good going RTI Team for the Reinvented Toilet!


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