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Solid Waste Treatment


The processing of the solid waste will use a combination of mechanical and thermal energy.


1. A mechanical conveyor belt separates and diverts liquid waste.


2. After the separation of waste has completed, our system transports solid waste into a series of components where it is broken down into a uniform material.


3. Shortly after everything is broken down, it is then extruded onto a drying plate that heats the waste into a dry, brittle, and combustable state.


4. After a complete and thorough drying has occurred, the plate rotates the dried solid waste into a scraper that lifts the waste off of the drying plate, diverting the pieces of the dried waste into a separate chamber.


5. This chamber then burns the dried pieces using a novel combustion unit designed by our partners at Colorado State University. This self-powered unit not only provides heat for the plate-drying process, but converts a portion of the heat into electricity to power the processing of liquid waste.