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Prototype Update, 16 December 2016

Solid System Update

In the video below, our very own Stef Teleski takes us on walk through of the current system setup that we have, to deal with solid waste.

In it, she covers the system as a whole, the addition of springs to the scraper on the heat plate, as well recent modifications that have made our solid waste treatment more efficient.

Have a look:

We Can’t Wait…


Today the globe recognizes November 19th as World Toilet Day. Our entire project and its team stand with rest of the global community in working to find a solution to the world’s sanitation problem.

2.4 billion people still do not have access to adequate sanitation.

1 billion people still practice open defecation.

It’s not enough to sit passively and continue to watch this problem persist. That is why our toilet project and others like ours are endeavoring to finish this global issue once and for all. We want to close the sanitation gap. We want to provide every human being with a safe and clean place to relieve themselves with dignity.

We can’t sit back and watch the lack of proper sanitation in the world promote illness, poor health, and malnutrition. We can’t stand by and witness women and girls being assaulted or held back societally just because they don’t have a private and safe place to go to the bathroom.

We can’t wait! We must do better to meet the demand and supply for safe urban sanitation.

She and he are why we need to do better. Now!