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A Recent Odor Consultation

We had a nice half day visit with Marc and Siddharth from Duke University at the RTI-Duke site at CEPT in Ahmedabad on February 25th.

Marc and Siddharth did some initial measurements on key-point sources of odor in our prototype. As we’ve written in the past, odor is a key contributor to the adoption rate of our sanitation system: now, and in the future. Study after study has shown that people are drastically less likely use a toilet if it smells unclean. So the resulting data from this visit will be quite important for us moving forward.

We also enlisted the full Ahmedabad team in the inaugural run of the odor measurement procedure that is drafted in the IWA standards document. We hoped to glean new insight by performing a trial run of this process and we weren’t let let down. We learned a quite a bit.

The Latest Pictures of Our Alpha Prototype…

Thanks to our ongoing field testing efforts, we’ve naturally discovered ways that we can improve our existing prototype. These new modifications better serve the people that use our toilet as well make it function more effectively.

To date, we haven’t shared details on the changes we’ve worked towards, but today we thought we’d share some pictures of our most recent  alpha prototype that is now being built by L&T in Vadodara.  We are currently aiming for a completed installation in April 2015.

Below you’ll find pictures of the outside of our prototype, as well as isometric views of it’s assembly and the features we’ve added/improved upon.

All of these pictures can also be downloaded as a PDF here.