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Prototype Update, 23 Jan 2017

Solids System Update: Holiday Poo!

North Carolina, United States

The last week of December saw a major milestone, as our first batch of feces was dried solely by the combustion of previously-dried feces on the current Beta system set-up in our lab at RTI!

Our feces combustor, engineered by our partners at Colorado State University, is shown running semi-automated; National Instruments’ LabVIEW controls the pressure differential through the system and displays/records temperature data as “fuel” (dried human feces) is manually metered into the combustion chamber using two ball valves as an air-lock.

The heat from combustion is used to dry the human feces applied to the cast-iron automated rotating plate inside the dryer apparatus.

Next, we begin working toward a fully-automated, fully-closed loop in which feces is dried, scraped and ground, then metered into the combustion chamber for burning.

The Latest Pictures of Our Alpha Prototype…

Thanks to our ongoing field testing efforts, we’ve naturally discovered ways that we can improve our existing prototype. These new modifications better serve the people that use our toilet as well make it function more effectively.

To date, we haven’t shared details on the changes we’ve worked towards, but today we thought we’d share some pictures of our most recent  alpha prototype that is now being built by L&T in Vadodara.  We are currently aiming for a completed installation in April 2015.

Below you’ll find pictures of the outside of our prototype, as well as isometric views of it’s assembly and the features we’ve added/improved upon.

All of these pictures can also be downloaded as a PDF here.