The Liquid Waste Processing Module

TRL5b Liquid Processing Module

The latest version of the Liquid Disinfection Module is more compact and semi-automated. Solenoid valves and level detection switches control the flow of liquid from collection to process to holding tanks.

The liquid waste processing module uses electrodes cheap jerseys to ?irketleri convert the natural salts found in up urine into oxidants such as chlorine.  The electrochemically generated oxidants disinfect Jerseys the liquid by destroying the pathogens that come from mixing and with wholesale nfl jerseys the solid The waste.  The electrochemical process also Emptying breaks down the organics in the liquid as demonstrated cheap nfl jerseys in this video by the change in Helical color during processing, using a green wholesale nba jerseys food coloring 60 dye Home in a simulated urine solution.

Dr. Ethan Klem demonstrates the electrochemical disinfection module designed for manual control. 

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    1. Hi Sanjana,

      Liquid waste — including urine and liquid that is removed from the solid waste — is disinfected through electrochemical processes using carbon electrodes. Once treated, the disinfected water will be suitable for use as rinse water for the toilet or as a fertilizer supplement.

      There is also additional info in this post as well:

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