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Today is Global Menstrual Hygiene Day

by | May 28, 2017 | 0 comments

Today we celebrate menstrual hygiene day. A day recognized globally as a call to action for governments, companies, celebrities and the media, world-wide, to rally around a single a message: that there is no shame in menstruation.

Safe and effective menstrual hygiene management depends on adequate sanitation. Sanitation that is safe, hygienic, and private. Information is key to help us achieve this goal. Information will help increase knowledge, build respect, and reduce negative perceptions.

Additionally, water and sanitation programming needs to make menstrual hygiene management (MHM) a central part of our work. MHM is an equity, employment, human rights, health, and environmental issue closely linked to sanitation. Menstruation is a natural bodily function, just like defecation and urination.

Let us not be ashamed and stigmatize MHM.

To Bleed Without Violence

Periods are nothing to hide. Step up and take pride. #mhday2017 #menstruationmatters

Posted by Menstrual Hygiene Day - India on Friday, May 26, 2017

The myths and taboos that surround menstrual hygiene make it very difficult for women in our society. MHM is important for many reasons. As the ability to maintain hygiene, it is integral to a woman’s well-being, education access, mobility, employment and dignity.

As part of our global work under the reinvent the toilet program, we are testing strategies to provide safe, private MHM solutions, as well as boost access to products and sanitation services. It is vital for us to recognize, talk about, and address the challenge to integrate MHM into our sanitation work. Our mothers, daughters, sisters and all women deserve privacy, access, and dignity.

Break the silence. End the stigma.

You can read more about this amazing global event right here.


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