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Newly Published Paper from our Liquids Team!

Congratulations to our Liquids Team on their recent research report published on RTI International's site! Titled “Development of an Electrochemical Process for Blackwater Disinfection in a Freestanding, Additive-Free Toilet”, here’s the abstract: "Electrochemical...

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Prototype Update, 26 July 2017

Solids System Update: TOWR Trailer Unit Opens to Users on RTI Campus North Carolina, United States Early in July, the Toilet with Onsite Waste Remediation (TOWR) trailer, a research endeavor jointly funded by US Army Natick and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,...

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Prototype Update, 12 July 2017

Solids System Update: North Carolina, United States The Solids team has spent the majority of our time as of late working on the trailer mobile unit, getting a fecal processing system similar to the one in our lab, up and running and making improvements to the control...

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UN-Water Releases 2017 GLAAS Report….

Last month, UN-Water released their 2017 GLAAS Report (GLOBAL ANALYSIS AND ASSESSMENT OF SANITATION) The report represents analysis from 75 countries and 25 external support agencies focusing on issues having to do with financing universal access to water and...

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Prototype Update, 12 June 2017

Liquids System Update: North Carolina, United States Our Liquids System's team is proud to present their first publication! It focuses on our electrochemical disinfection process and the research our liquids team put into the development of the blackwater treatment...

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Next Stop? Durban, South Africa.

Our project reached a milestone recently, adding a new testing site for our sanitation system in Durban, South Africa! RTI International recently published a news release announcing it. Like our ongoing work in Ahmnebad, India, we will be working in a smaller...

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