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Prototype Update, 31 May 2017

Solids and Liquids System Update: WASH and DST Team wins and award for the hard work they put into the TOWR project! (Please NOTE: The news release below has been reprinted from a recent post on RTI.org's internal staff network.) North Carolina, United States May 25,...

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Today is Global Menstrual Hygiene Day

Today we celebrate menstrual hygiene day. A day recognized globally as a call to action for governments, companies, celebrities and the media, world-wide, to rally around a single a message: that there is no shame in menstruation. Safe and effective menstrual hygiene...

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“No Relief”

A recently published video excerpt (taken from the 2014 video, "No Relief") by the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council highlights the plight of women and girls in countries (particularly India) where there are no proper and safe sanitation options. Women...

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“Talking Toilets”

Recently on gatesnotes.com, Bill Gates published a post on India’s on-going struggle to combat the effects of human waste and to find better, more effective ways to handle sanitation for all its people. In the post he focuses on Prime Minister Modi’s recent Swachh...

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“Holistic approach to sanitation issues”

A recent post on dailypioneer.com by M Venkaiah Naidu talks of a more holistic approach being needed to achieve total sanitation in India. There no doubting the progress that’s been achieved since the Swachch Bharat Mission was launched in 2014. “This is reflected in...

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