A Better Toilet

For A Cleaner World


by | Dec 22, 2013 | 0 comments

Toddlers love to ask why, it is an important part of self-discovery and learning about the world around them as they grow and mature. Why? Why this? Why that? Because Why? It is a fascinating time as a parent to field these questions and aid in the discovery.

For many in the developed world, we forget about sanitation and take it for granted. Flush toilets have been around since the late 1770s. It is a convenience. One that we assume and, frankly, wonder “why” it is not taken care of in all parts of the world.

In this time of tight budgets, of re-thinking and re-prioritizing investments for the least fortunate, let’s not forget about sanitation; as sanitation has too often been the frequent step-child of “water and sanitation programming”.


Here’s my “Because Why” sanitation list:

  • Sanitation helps sustain a clean environment
  • Sanitation is a human right
  • Sanitation promotes good health, nutrition, hygiene
  • Sanitation brings dignity, equality, and reduced drudgery
  • Sanitation promotes safety
  • Sanitation is a family and community aspiration
  • Sanitation supports school attendance, especially for girls
  • Sanitation is a good economic investment, bringing a powerful return on investment


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